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Commercial Litigation

Litigation is a fact of life for practically every business. While it might not happen often, when it does, a court case can be distracting and difficult, taking your focus away from your business. Litigation may even threaten the future existence of your company. We provide a practical perspective and thoughtful litigation counsel for our clients. We help businesses with a variety of different kinds of business disputes, getting involved before litigation to help our clients strategize and build their cases. We will work with you on a range of solutions, whether it is negotiating a settlement agreement or taking your case to trial.

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Outsourced General Counsel

Businesses will always need legal help, even if they do not require a full-time attorney or have the funds for one. For many companies, it is easier and more cost-efficient to outsource the function of general counsel. This approach gives them a dedicated lawyer who knows their business and who is available at all times.

Using an outsourced general counsel allows you to take a flexible approach based on your own legal needs. It is an effective way to get legal assistance when you need it without running up costs that you cannot yet afford. We work with our clients to handle legal issues and help them plan for the long term.

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Early Case Assessment

We help companies prepare for litigation early by analyzing claims and allegations and advising on potential strengths and weaknesses. Companies need to prepare for litigation as early as possible to do the hard planning and discovery work, which comes relatively early in the litigation process. They need to learn about the potential costs of the case and how the process may unfold to determine which cases may need to be settled. With so much litigation coming in, companies need help getting to the bottom of cases quickly, and that is what we do. Doing legwork early can save a company money because costs and exposure can escalate the longer a party to litigation waits to settle or defend claims.

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Transportation Law

The law of shipping is complex, no matter what method of shipping is at issue. We represent insurance companies in subrogation claims when a third party is responsible for damages. An insurance company can pursue that third party and make them pay for what the insurer has paid out for a claim.

We also represent shippers and cargo owners in claims for damages to goods under the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act. This law entitles cargo owners to damages if the shipper was negligent. we also handle Carmack Amendment claims when cargo was damaged when crossing interstate borders on land. This law allows cargo owners to recover money when the goods arrive damaged—unless a shipper proves they were not negligent.

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Real Estate Litigation

Owners of property may find themselves in court for a number of reasons. They could be sued because of what happened on their property. Or, they may need to file a lawsuit because someone else is interfering with their right to enjoy their own property, hurting the property value, or violating a lease.

Sometimes, property owners need to move quickly to obtain an injunction to stop something from happening. Whatever the real estate controversy, we can help with either a forceful defense to a premises liability case or an aggressive strategy to stop a wrongdoer from violating your property rights.

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Litigation Support

While trial is the final step of the litigation process, it represents only a small part of the work in any legal case. A vast majority of the effort will occur in the months that lead up to the trial. This includes the navigating the discovery process which is time-consuming and  labor-intensive, and could involve thousands of documents and other types of data. These documents cannot just be handed over to the other side. First, they need to be gathered, properly cataloged, and reviewed for relevance and privilege. Businesses can save money and gain efficiency by outsourcing litigation support functions. We can do this work, freeing you up to focus on the big picture of the trial, as well as your business’s operations.

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